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Frequently Asked Quesions:

How do I share photographs with others from a recent trip?

As many of you know we started a photo sharing program last year using the Flickr service. We chose this service because the full-sized, high resolution picture is stored. The process is easy and has worked well so far (yeah)! Easiest way to access Flickr is the icon at the top of our website.

Occasionally we get questions about using the system so we thought that a quick note was in order.You can use Flickr in two modes: as a member of the Flickr community or as a visitor. As a member you can add pictures, comment or share images, and even download them. Membership is free but takes a few moments to fill out the form, (if you have a Yahoo email address you are already a member).  As a visitor, you can view any public images that are added to the site; all images from Timberline Adventures fit this category. There is no joining required.

The web address of the picture site is: 

The Timberline Adventures trip pictures are organized by groups. The group names are in a simple form, for example: 2015 Timberline Yosemite - Spring. The image below shows the page organization, the "Groups" link is highlighted with the red star. By clicking on this link you will be shown all of the groups. Select the group and enjoy the pictures. You are welcome to look at any of the public pictures on the site.  


As a member you will have access to buttons to add pictures or any of the other functions we mentioned above. We hope this clarifies and makes it easy and fun to enjoy trip photos.


Can I drive and park my car at the pre tour hotel for the duration of the tour?

Contact the office and we can check with the hotel and see about leaving your car for the duration of the tour.

Should I tip my guides? How much?

Tips are greatly appreciated by the guides and are at your discretion. Guests usually leave 10% to 20% of the trip cost per guest split between guides. Typically tips are given at the end of the trip to thank guides for their exceptional service and expertise.

Should I bring my own bike on tour?

Whether to bring your own bike on tour is a personal decision. Some riders are determined to ride their own bikes. Of course knowing your own bike is a huge plus. This is especially the case if you have extensively customized your bike.

However there are hassles inherent to shipping or bringing it as luggage on the plane (including a substantial cost). You may prefer instead to bring simply your pedals, shoes, and saddle - and leave the rest at home.

If you decide to bring your own bike please contact the office to work through the logistics or to get suggestions as you are making your decision.

How can I ship my bike?

There are a number of services to consider, these are a few of the firms that prior guests used successfully:, and even Federal Express. When shipping to Canada, please call the shipper to understand their approach of managing the customs process.

My partner doesn’t bike. Do you accommodate non-riders?

We absolutely accommodate non-riders and, actually, we get this request quite a lot. Contact the office to work through the logistics and suggestions for the non-rider.

When should I arrive for my tour?

All cycling tours will depart early-morning on the day of departure. Guests are urged to plan their arrival at tour assembly locations for cycling tours not later than the day prior to departure date. 

Hiking programs assemble early-morning of the day of departure. Participants can schedule their arrival at assembly locations by early- morning to departure would be a much better choice.

Packing Recommendations

> What to bring - Bike (PDF)

> What to bring - Hike (PDF)

Routes, mileage and accommodations are subject to change due to safety, road/trail conditions, weather and availability.