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Hiking Timberline Country

Hiking has been a part of Timberline’s program from our earliest beginnings when a day’s trek was an eagerly anticipate d alternate activity on a layover day on our first bicycle tour through Rocky Mountain National Park. As our program has evolved over the years, combined Biker/Hiker tours have been developed through out our territory.

Nineteen years ago, we introduced our first “pure hiking” program in the Grand Canyon. For the season ahead, we’ll offer no less than 46 tour dates and 35 separate and distinct itineraries as the components of a program that truly defines the concept of Adventure Hiking.

A few words about the nature of our programs may be helpful. Each of the hiking tours is an inn-to-inn program—in other words, all overnights will be in the magnificent national park lodges o r inns that are distinct to the areas that we have selected for these programs. To the extent that overnights have been planned for certain backcountry lodges, such as Phantom Ranch in the Grand Canyon, Havasupai Lodge in Supai Village and Shadow Lake Lodge in Banff National Park, all of which are accessible only by foot, hikers will need to carry a light daypack for personal articles and clothing necessary for that one night's stay.

If a "hike" is distinguished from a "walk" by its degree of difficulty as to distance and terrain, our programs for the coming season conservatively should be considered "hikes." Our daily distances will range between 6 and 14 miles, though generally averaging 8-10 miles per day. Nor will we shy away from hills—our tradition at Timberline is the spectacular alpine experiences that have distinguished our cycling programs over the years and that have become the hallmark of our hiking adventures.

though, the same philosophy that has governed our cycling program also applies to our hikes. The emphasis will be upon hiking at one's own pace—no time schedules, no concern about keeping up with anyone. The mood and tone of the entire experience is leisurely and as low-key and laid back as possible—sort of like a vacation.

Most importantly, The van will be utilized for trailhead shuttles and transport of luggage for hiking programs, but obviously will not accompany the group on the trail during each day's hike. Two Timberline leaders will hike with the group, not only to provide any assistance that may be needed along the way, but also to offer interpretive substance that hopefully will enhance each hiker's enjoyment and appreciation of the experience.

Each of our hikes has been chosen with a single objective in mind: to provide a never-to-be- forgotten experience in an area of extraordinary natural beauty. Our hikes planned for the coming season are those types of adventures.

Routes, mileage and accommodations are subject to change due to safety, road/trail conditions, weather and availability.