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Hiking Trip Isle Royale National Park Hiking Tour Challenging

Dates: 8/21 - 27, 2017

(7 days, 6 nights; Mon. - Sun.)


Assembly Point: Houghton, MI

(Timberline van shuttle between Houghton and Isle Royale, prior to and following tour)

Not included: Airline or bus service to Houghton, MI; Guide Gratuity

Pickup time: Houghton airport - 1:00 pm, hotel 1:30 pm (Holiday Inn Express- Houghton)

Drop off time: 5 pm Houghton airport or Holiday Inn Express- Houghton


Tour Cost: $3,450

Includes all lodging, meals, boat transportation, park entrance fees/permits, van shuttle, leaders, trail maps and narrative.

Additional Single Occupancy Lodging Cost: $785


Inn Highlights

  • Keeweenaw Mountain Lodge
  • The Rock Harbor Lodge

The mystique of Isle Royale beckons through the mists and waters of Lake Superior.  Some of you are saying “Finally!” The rest of you are saying “Where?” The island, which is located in Lake Superior, within the Upper Peninsula in Michigan, is 45 miles long and nine miles wide and is the most exclusive national park in the continental United States. It has a permanent population of zero humans and a growing population of 1,000 moose. The island is the only national park that completely shuts down in the winter.  The island has 165 miles of hiking trails and no roads or vehicular traffic.
The park is what a wilderness is should look like, and the charming Rock Harbor Lodge is a welcome sight at the end of a day’s hike.  During our island hikes we will keep our eyes peeled for moose, wolves, loons, beaver, fox and birdlife, which make the park their home. Lake Superior and the island's inland lakes offer excellent fishing and photographic sites for viewing pristine forest and waterways. 

In addition, the shoreline of upper Michigan offers hundreds of miles of seashore and countless national and state protected lands. We have chosen 2 gems of the area to begin our Isle Royal Hiking Tour,

After a van shuttle to our first hotel on our arrival day, the hiking part of the tour begins on Day 2. We will enjoy Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore with a hike on the Chapel Loop, giving us expansive views of Lake Superior (11 miles) Tonight;s stay will be in Marquette.

On Day 3 we drive to Laughing Whitefish trailhead and hike to the falls, one of the most impressive of Michigan's waterfalls.  We then shuttle to Copper Harbor.

Day 4 begins with a boat ride to Isle Royale where we will be for the rest of the tour. We will hike Stoll Trail Loop upon our arrival and enjoy the island atmosphere.

On Day 5 we will hike Mt. Franklin. Day 6 starts with a water taxi to Hidden Point, where we will hike to Lookout Louise and return to the lodge via Greenstone Ridge and Tobin Harbor Trail.

On Day 7, our final day, we will hike to Threemile campground via Rock Harbor Trail and return to the lodge (6 miles). After lunch, we will board the boat back to Copper Harbor and then drive back to Houghton and the conclusion of the tour.


Day 1 Arrive, assemble and van transport from Houghton  
Day 2 Hike Picture Rocks National Lakeshore and the Chapel Loop 11 miles
Day 3 Drive to Laughing Whitefish Falls and hike to falls and return 4 miles
Day 4 Boat ride to Isle Royale; Hike the Stoll Trail Loop 4 miles
Day 5 Hike to Mt. Franklin via Tobin Harbor and Mt. Franklin trails, also visit the old fishery and lighthouse 10 miles
Day 6 Water Taxi to Hidden Point. Hike to Lookout Louise and return via Greenstone Ridge and Tobin Harbor Trail 10 miles
Day 7 Hike to Three Mile campground via Rock Harbor Trail; board boat back to Copper Harbor 6 miles

Total hiking mileage: 45

** If you can not make a flight into Houghton arriving before 1 pm on 8/21, you will need to fly in on Sunday, 8/20 and make arrangements to stay at the Holiday Inn Express- Houghton

** If flying in early and wanting to go to Holiday Inn Express- Houghton, you will need to take a cab. (There is no airport shuttle available). Call Neils Taxi 906-482-5515 Estimated cost $15 from Houghton airport to Holiday Inn Express- Houghton

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Routes, mileage and accommodations are subject to change due to safety, road/trail conditions, weather and availability.