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Hiking Trip Sunshine Coast of British Colombia Hiking Tourflower

Dates: 7/30 - 8/4, 2017

6 days, 5 nights (Sun - Fri)


Assembly Point: Vancouver, BC

(airline service to Vancouver; Timberline van shuttle between Vancouver prior to and followign tour)

Meeting time: hotel 8:30 am Drop off time: 6 pm

*Passport required

Tour Cost: $2,445

(includes all lodging, all meals, leaders, tour maps & narratives)

Additional Single Occupancy Lodging Cost: $375

Inn Highlights

  • Rockwater Secret Cove Resort

It is a bit of a cliché, but the Sunshine Coast really is British Columbia's best-kept secret, stretching along 180km of land from Langdale to Lund with many quaint, tiny coastal communities in between and of course sun.  Located just north of Vancouver, the majestic old growth forests, mountain and ocean vistas provide a stunning backdrop to explore.  We are always on the look out for new exciting places to explore and the Sunshine Coast fits that bill in spades.

The hiking is a grand mix of mountain ascents, lakefronts, and breath taking ocean views.  During our week on the Sunshine Coast we will cover the Peninsula from top to bottom, the summit of Mt Elphinstone to the world famous Skookumchuck Rapid where the tide current speed can exceed 18 miles per hour.  The Suncoaster trail is a 37 km trail that bisects Sunshine Coast, we will explore much of it during the adventure.

Add to all this few crowds, comfortable accommodations and we have a winner.  We will assemble in Vancouver, after a short ferry ride to Langdale, we are off and running for our week on the Sunshine coast. 

Gambier Island is the largest of four islands located in Howe Sound, British Columbia, Canada (not to be confused with the 14 small Gambier Islands, located 1600 km southeast of Tahiti). The BC island is approximately twenty-five square miles with only 125 permanent residents, primarily located in New Brighton, Gambier Harbour and West Bay - the number swells to over 600 in the summer. BC Ferries provides passenger service between Langdale and New Brighton and there are gravel roads connecting the three communities. We have electricity and telephone and some of us even have high-speed internet access. There is no car-ferry access - something most residents want to preserve.  Ie no van to the island.

Our island currently does not have any commercial enterprises. The Gambier Community Centre is the only public facility. There are is ATM on the island!


Day 1 Suncoaster trail to Secret Cove and a climb to Soames Hill 5 miles
Day 2 Suncoaster trail to Pender Harbor with a climb to Pender Hill and Mt Daniel 8 miles
Day 3 Ferry to Gambier Island and hike to Gambier Lake 10 miles
Day 4 Sea Coaster trail to Ruby and Klein Lake with a trip to the Skookumchuck Rapids 7 miles
Day 5 Mt Elphinstone Summit 12 miles
Day 6 Chapman Falls 5 miles

Total hiking mileage: 47

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Routes, mileage and accommodations are subject to change due to safety, road/trail conditions, weather and availability.