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Pacific Northwest

cycling trip Volcanoes South Cycling Tour link

Dates: 8/27 - 9/9, 2017

(13 days, 13 nights; Sun - Sat)


Assembly Point: Troutdale/Portland

(airline service to Portland, Timberline van transfer from Portland Airport prior to tour and to Eugene, OR following tour)

Meeting time: 8/27 - airport 1:pm, hotel 1:30 pm

Drop off time: 9/9 - 5 pm

Tour Cost: $5,600

(includes all lodging, breakfasts and dinners, van shuttles from Portland airport prior to tour and return to Portland from Crater Lake following tour, park entrance fees, support van, leaders, tour maps & narratives)
Additional Single Occupancy Lodging Cost: $1,600

The Volcanoes South Cycling Tour presents a dramatic illustration of the geographic diversity of the Cascade Range. A product of the region's intense volcanic legacy, the Cascades began to take shape approximately 15-17 million years ago. As the landscape rose, the Columbia River, with its vast area of drainage, began to carve its course through the basalt bedrock on its way to the Pacific, a process that was dramatically accelerated at the end of the last Ice Age when the Missoula Floods cut the dramatic walls that exist today. The result of those floods is the 80 - mile gorge that at times reaches depths up to 4,000 feet. The many streams that drain the region's abundant snowmelt were left hanging by this cataclysmic event, and account for the 77 spectacular waterfalls that today pour hundreds of feet from the basalt cliffs into the Columbia below. Perhaps the best measure of the force of these floods is a comparison of landform elevations within a 40-mile radius of the gorge: Hood River, on the Columbia, at 400', Mt. Adams to the north, at 12, 251', and Mt. Hood, to the south, at 11,240'.

The gorge today presents the only navigable breach in the Cascade barrier between the Columbia Plateau to the east and the Pacific. Its role in the settlement and economic development of the Pacific Northwest has been profound. The gorge also illustrates the manner in which prudent governmental management and oversight has created an environment in which economic, recreational and environmental interests can successfully co-exist. The Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, administered by the U.S. Forest Service, and its efforts in the rehabilitation of the historic Columbia River Highway, has resulted in the creation of a bicycling corridor through the gorge that is truly extraordinary, and it is through this corridor that we will launch Volcanoes South.
We'll spend our final night at the magnificent Crater Lake Lodge, on the brink of the caldera, and then launch into an exciting downhill plunge along the beautiful North Umpqua River toward Roseburg on our final day, prior to our van shuttle return to Portland.

Pre-Tour Arrive, assemble, bike fitting, Orientation Dinner  
Day 1 Morton, WA - Spirit Lake Hwy - Mount. Saint Helen (van to), Hillsboro, OR (SEGMENT THREE BEGINS)
Day 2 Hillsboro, OR - Astoria, OR 100
Day 3 Astoria, OR - Cannon Beach, OR 28
Day 4 Cannon Beach, OR - Tillamook, OR 42
Day 5 Tillamook, OR - Lincoln City, OR 62
Day 6 Lincoln City, OR - Florence, OR 78
Day 7 Florence, OR - Bandon,OR 68
Day 8 Bandon,OR - Brookings, OR 83
Day 9 Brookings, OR (van to Patrick Creek Lodge), Morrisons- Galice, OR 71
Day 10 Galice, OR - Ashland, OR 70
Day 11 Ashland, OR - Flying Y at Klamath Falls, OR 69
Day 12 Klamath Falls, OR - Crater Lake 65
Day 13 Crater Lake - Ride around lake 33
Day 14 Crater Lake - ends near Gugene to Dry Creek Cabine Store 54

Total cycling mileage: 860

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Routes, mileage and accommodations are subject to change due to safety, road/trail conditions, weather and availability.