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Custom Tours

Take charge, organize your family, extended family, co workers, and friends for an active vacation. Contact the office and one of our experienced staff will cosult with you on creating the trip of your dreams.

We can.....

Add rafting, kayaking, hot air ballooning, wine tasting and other such events to your custom tour. We can lengthen a bike ride itinerary, shorten a bike ride and do the same for hikes too. We can increase days of the tour or decrease days of the tour. We can find locations to stay that are equiped with swimming pools and other amenities.  We can also help with communicating with your group and we will even design customized jerseys or shirts for your custom trips. Whether its a family reunion, group of college friends, work buddies, neighbors or a work team building event or sales incentives trip, we are here for you and ready to help plan your custom trip. Simply call the office and we will talk with you on where you would like to go and when and we will work with you through the process. Timberline offers over 120 itineraries and we can add miles or deduct miles and days depending on your wishes. We offer a variety of tours that we can customize to meet the needs of your family, yes even children, different fitness levels and interests. We can help just give us a call. 

The cyclists below are a group of friends and they do a Timberline Adventures trip each summer.

The group to the right travels from Mexico and hiked and cycled in Yosemite, even making it to the summit of Half Dome. The group eating dinner is a photo from a family custom multi sport trip in Washington which included kayaking, cycling and hiking.

Contact the Timberline office to begin the planning for your custom tour!




Routes, mileage and accommodations are subject to change due to safety, road/trail conditions, weather and availability.