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Testimonials - Hear what some of our guests have to say...

It's the locations.

Back in early 2007 we decided we wanted to hike the Grand Canyon rim-to-river-to-rim. Early in the planning stages we realized how complex the logistics were going to be, so to make that part easier we went in search of a company that offered this hike. I had a week of vacation that September and coincidentally, Timberline had a Grand Canyon hiking tour scheduled for that same week, so we registered. Unfortunately, my wife then broke her foot, and we were not able to hike with Timberline that fall, and our rim-to-river-to-rim goal was delayed for seven years, until 2014. The rest of the story,  however, is that since that first coincidental discovery of Timberline, we have hiked on 14 of their tours!

When we went on our first Timberline trip, to Yellowstone and Grand Tetons National Parks, we never anticipated that we would hike with them 14 times in seven years and be looking for more, but every year thereafter, we planned our vacation schedule around the Timberline catalog.  When the Timberline catalog arrives, we sit down and peruse it for hikes, then schedule vacation days based on the hikes we select. Next it's off to REI or Dick's Sporting Goods to explore the newest hiking gear......and when the winter drags on too long, we may opt for a spur-of-the-moment tour to Death Valley NP, Big Bend NP or Joshua Tree NP!

So, why do we keep coming back every year? A big reason is the locations where Timberline hikes. They have tours in almost every national park in the western United States, and quite a few scattered around the rest of the country and Canada (and the Canadian hiking views are stunning!). If you are not familiar with an area where you would like to hike, or do not have time to plan your trip, Timberline takes care of all that for you. They know the best hikes, the convenient lodging and the interesting restaurants. Maybe a bigger reason is that we feel like we are part of the Timberline family. We have gotten to know the owners, many of the guides and a number of their guests over the years because we have hiked with many of them more than once. And, of course, we all have a common interest--hiking in places of great natural beauty. On any given tour, we almost always hike with one or more people we have met in the past. Spending time catching up with our guides and fellow hikers adds to the pure enjoyment of the hiking experience.

Karen and Bill, Virginia


A really great trip!

I was one of seven guests on the Death Valley hiking trip (February 15th-20th) and I would like to commend Timberline for providing a wonderful experience. Throughout the week everything ran like clockwork from the pickup in Las Vegas to the drop-off back in Las Vegas.  The daily hikes showed us the great diversity of Death Valley from sand dunes, salt flats, rock canyons and mountains. One of the highlights was the ridge walk from Dante’s Viewpoint.

The accommodations at the Ranch at Furnace Creek were excellent, as were the hearty breakfasts and dinners. Lunches were put together from fixings in the guide’s room, and no one went hungry. Additional snacks and water were carried in the minivan.

The guides, Jorge and Dave were first rate….helpful, knowledgeable and a pleasure to spend time with! My fellow hikers, although from diverse areas and walks of life, formed a compatible group, developing a distinct camaraderie

I am quite sure that this will not be my last trip with Timberline, and I can highly recommend the company for providing such an enjoyable trip.  Thanks!

Chris Maxwell, Nanaimo, BC Canada


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